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Degrees of Change, a 501c3 nonprofit, is the parent organization of Seed Internships, Act Six, and GuidEd Insight. Together, our programs are making a difference in the lives of young leaders to succeed in college and career. Our goal is to help build more vibrant and equitable communities. As more Seed interns and Act Six scholars graduate each year, our communities benefit from the growing influence of their talent, education, and courageous leadership. More critical now than ever, Degrees of Change is equipping diverse leaders who will guide us to a more just and thriving future.


Your Financial Support Makes a Difference

By supporting the work of Degrees of Change, you invest not only in the future of individuals, but of entire communities.

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Other Ways to Invest

  • Volunteer as an interviewer at Seed Internship’s annual interview event.
  • Help recruit students at your college or organization for Seed Internships.
  • Open doors with connections who could become Seed employer partners.
  • Provide a meal for interns at a professional development session.
  • Recruit a Seed Intern for part-time or full-time employment at your organization.
  • Encourage your organization to sponsor Degrees of Change community events.